I-Motole IO3 Piloting Activity Completed

As part of the I-Motole Erasmus+ KA2 project, the Inspira Plus team conducted a piloting activity for the Relationship Skills with Others section of the IO3 Portfolio with adult volunteers on July 1, 2019.

The session started with a short introduction about the I-Motole project and the role of intrinsic motivation in the learning process. The portfolio was presented as an innovative tool to validate competences and skills of learners in adult education. Through the exercise, the participants had the opportunity to identify their emotional needs and behaviors toward other people, and shared their insights and experiences within the group. The goal of the exercise was to translate participants’ insights into social/communication skills, and to analyze how they would come across to potential employers.

Furthermore, a Europass CV info session was conducted, whereby the participants were educated about how to better present their skills and qualifications to potential employers. The session was completed with the participants submitting a written evaluation of the piloting activity.