Third Transnational Project Meeting Completed in Stockholm, Sweden

The third transnational partner meeting (TPM) that was hosted by Kulturskolan Stockholm in Stockholm, Sweden took place between May 13-15, 2019, and was attended by all I-Motole project partners.

One objective of the third TPM was to assess the current status of the project’s ongoing intellectual outputs Io4 and IO5, dealing with policy recommendations to key institutional stakeholders in each partner country and the development of an interactive online portal with resources on intrinsic motivation. Another objective of the meeting was to reference these intellectual outputs  to the previously completed intellectual outputs IO1, IO2, and Io3.

Another objective of the meeting was to plan out the national multiplier events that will be organized by each partner organization in their home country, as well as to design the format of the central multiplier event which will take place in Antwerp, Belgium in the fall of 2019.

The final objective of the TPM was to assess the current status of project management activities across all partnering organizations.

All objectives were successfully completed with input from ANI-International, Inspira Plus, Merseyside Expanding Horizons, Agrupamento de Escolas número 2 de Beja, CEPA Los Llanos Albacete, Kulturskolan Stockholm, and CVO LBC-NVK Sint-Niklaas.