Successful Completion of Validation Portfolio Section on Relationship Skills


The Inspira Plus team successfully completed the section on interpersonal relationship skills as part of the Validation Portfolio intellectual output (IO3.) of the I-Motole KA2 Erasmus + project. The IO3 intellectual output was centered on developing a Validation Portfolio as a professional tool designed to help adult learners record their personal, professional and educational competences and experiences.

The Inspira Plus team was tasked with developing a section on interpersonal relationship skills, thus designing several exercises that allowed adult learners to self-profile their interpersonal strengths and weaknesses, and better understand which areas of their personal and professional relationship-building skills are professionally acceptable, and which ones need more attention. The exercises were styled in a questionnaire format, in order to allow adult learners to quickly record their input and get instantaneous feedback. Furthermore, a questionnaire key was provided, to be used by educators as part of an interactive session on the interpersonal relationship skills training activities to teach adult learners how to develop a validation portfolio.

The other participating project partners in the IO# intellectual output included the following organizations:

-ANI, France

-Inspira Plus dooel, Republic of North Macedonia

-CVO LBC-NVK – Sint Niklaas, Belgium

-MEH, United Kingdom

-Kulturskolan Stockholm/Stockholm School of Art, Sweden

-AE2 Beja, Portugal

-CEPA “Los Llanos”, Spain